Discover ALIZIA

Key facts

We appreciate how some times there is just too much information about a product, so we tried to make our ALIZIA extra virgin olive oil inviting and welcoming, without demanding too much of your time. So, below are some key facts about our ALIZIA evoo.
#health claim
Its high content in polyphenols provides anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity and protects the blood lipids from oxidative stress.
It is a special blend of Asprolia Alizia’s and Koroneiki varieties with a fruity character and notes of fresh mown grass, tomato and a mild peppery and bitter finish.
It complements nicely salads, aged cheeses, fresh pasta, soups, grilled chicken and fish dishes, or vanilla and pistachio ice cream for a twist!
Product philosophy  
Our olive groove is situated at a height of approximately 360m, next to Panagoula village, overlooking the Ionian sea and comprises approximately 2000 olive trees from the Asprolia Alizia’s and Koroneiki varieties.
Driven by our inner need to preserve our culture and share our local tradition, we created ALIZIA extra virgin olive oil, having simplicity and authenticity as our overarching principles.
Putting aside any sophisticated branding and marketing trends, we focused on creating a product that we, above all else, would be happy to share with and offer to our family and friends.
Our freehand drawn logo is a reminder of the carefree days when flocks of goats and sheep graze in our groves between the olive trees.
Our bottle is specifically chosen to ensure an inviting but still sustainable product moving away from custom made bottles which would result in a greater carbon footprint. Its dark green uvag colour fully protects the olive oil from sunlight, ensuring longer preservation of its  flavour and nutritional quality.
We truly hope that you will allow us and our ALIZIA evoo to effortlessly accompany your everyday moments, gatherings and other special occasions.

Time capsule

Yiayia Polymnia enters the olive grove bringing lunch – fresh bread, tomatoes, feta cheese, and olive oil. We run towards her competing each other and she welcomes us with a wide smile as she passes over the goodies.
Papous Giorgos supervises his sons whilst they prune the olive trees. Keen to show them a few good tricks, he climbs up to one of the trees and starts pruning. They look at him stunned and terrified; he is in his ’80s.​
Our olive groves are located in Panagoula village in the Alizia area in Western Etoloakarnania. Ancient Alizia was named after Alyzeus, Penelope’s brother (Odysseus’ wife).
Behind ALIZIA extra virgin olive oil
Dimitris is the heart of ALIZIA evoo. Building further on the family’s tradition, he expanded the olive grove by 1800 more olive trees of the Asprolia Alizia’s (local variety) and Koroneiki varieties. He claims that the best fertilisers for his olive trees are Dostoevsky and Elitis – he reads to them out loud.
#Polina & Giorgos
Polina and Giorgos are helping with the harvesting but also all other things Dimitris does not want to do – from branding and marketing, to bottling and introducing new technologies in the entire process like remote 24/7 monitoring of product metrics and use of IoT for smart farming.​
Katerina is the boss; and that is everything that needed to be said.