Our trees

Our olive groove is situated at a height of approximately 360m, next to Panagoula village, overlooking the Ionian islands.

We have planted our olive trees in order for every tree to get the maximum sunlight exposure, protecting it from cold winter winds and allowing water to get absorbed by the ground naturally, without creating any puddles.​

Every January, right after the harvest period, we fertilize olive trees with certified fertilizers according to the needs of the trees.

In March, we start the pruning process. Pruning improves the air circulation among the brunches, it exposes them to even more sunlight and helps control infestations from pests or diseases.

  • Ingredients: 100% Koroneiki Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • Net contents: 500ml


Watering the trees and implementing an irrigation system is a complex procedure. Taking into consideration the terrain of our groves and the amount of water needed by this particular olive cultivar, we have implemented a tailor made system of dripping pipes, to cover our needs. The water goes directly to the roots, without getting in contact with the trunk, therefore protecting it from the development of fungi or other humidity related organisms.

To protect our trees from harmful bugs, we monitor them by using specially designed traps that attract the bugs into them, instead of the tree. In exceptional cases, we use certified pesticides.


Between October and January, that the fruit is mature, it is time for harvest. Our trained staff carefully collects the olives and places them in linen pokes that allow them to “breathe”.

At the end of each day, we transfer the pokes to the olive pressing unit for same-day processing.

Nikos and Katerina Psaltiras produce their family olive oil in the village of Kambos Avias, at the northern end of the Mani peninsula, just south of Kalamata. Located on steep, rocky hillsides, the often terraced olive groves are cultivated using sustainable methods and gently harvested by hand and cold pressed the same day. The unfiltered olive oil is bottled by hand and is characterised by strong grassy and lightly fruity aromas and exceptional balance of flavour. An unrivalled olive oil for use in salads and fish dishes, but one that can also serve as an all-round, everyday oil for someone looking for the best.


Extrusion and Bottling

The harvest begins at fall when the olives are green, just before they turn purple. It is the time when all the aromas, the flavors and the nutrients are in their peak. The olives are hand picked one by one in order to get full protection and transferred immediately to the oil press in plastic boxes for the oil extraction.The extra virginity of our olive oil is obtained by cold extraction when the olives are squeezed, crust and spunned in the centrifugation in just 30 minutes time thus keeping their flavors and maintaining their polyphenols and very low acidity.

Our extra virgin olive oil is kept in stainless tanks with the infusion of nitrogen to avoid oxidation and unwanted enzymes. Its attributes are the same as at the moment of its extraction.

Our standardized procedures compile with the ISO 22000 – 2005 specifications protecting the quality of the product up to the moment it is served on your table.

The bottle itself is simple and elegant in dark green color to protect the content from sunlight and heat.